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About QL Foods Sdn Bhd

QL Foods Sdn. Bhd is the leading home-grown agro-based company in the country. Incorporated in 1994 as one of the subsidiaries of QL Resources Berhad, a multinational agro-food corporation with a market capitalization of over USD350 million, we have expanded dynamically and today we are proud to be the biggest manufacturer and distributor of Surimi and surimi-based products in Asean.


Integrated Production

Located in Hutan Melintang, Perak, Malaysia, the largest fishing base in the country, the company is on record as the first vertically integrated surimi manufacturer in the country is integrated substantially automated downstream production line to simultaneously produce of both surimi and surimi-based products.

Choice Products

We only use Surimi content sourced from selected fresh marine fish. Together with our continuous R&D efforts, we are able to produce a wide selection of delicious products of the highest quality. 

Our Commitment

QL Foods is defined by the values we believe in. We are guided by these values in all our dealings with our customers, business partners as well as the local community around us. 

Innovative Approaches
New and innovative approaches for our production-line to enhance efficiency.

Quality Control
To constantly monitor our products, ensuring compliance to standard quality requirements.

Continuous R & D
To persistently implement continuous research & development for products of higher quality.

Enquiries & Feedback

Please contact us if you have any questions about QL Foods, or our processes and products.

Bringing Food to The World

Our production exceeds 120 metric tonnes daily. We export our products to overseas markets in countries such as China, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and even in Canada and the United States. We are always looking for opportunities to expand and grow in new markets.

Research & Development

Excellence through Continuous Research & Development.

We are consistent in our commitment to improving the quality of our products as well as persevere in developing new ranges of Surimi-based products.

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