Position title: Production Executive

| Position Level: Executive |

Job Descriptions

  • To assist Plant Manager in implement and monitor all operations in plant to ensure high standards of safety, hygiene and productivity as well as increase/ sustained profitability.
  • To assist in monitoring and control flow of work and production specification to meet production output according to ser quality and forecast requirements.
  • To monitor accurate inventory records for stock control in order to plan production work flow and raw material needed to ensure smooth operation of production activities.
  • To ensure corrective action taken for rejects detected by Quality Assurance and Quality Control with objective of ensuring to monimal daily wastage of products.
  • To train supervisor and line leader to conduct on the job training of new or existing employees to ensure safe and smooth the daily operation for employees and compliance with Safety Operating Procedures established.
  • To monitor cleanliness of workplace, machinery and equipment as well as arranging the equipment to ensure workplace is orderly, safe and clean.
  • To perform any other duties as assigned by superior to ensure procedures are in compliance with the food & safety regulations and policies.


  • Candidate must possess at least a STPM/ Certificate/ Diploma/ Bachelor's Degree in Food or relevant fields.

  • Fresh graduate are encourage to apply, working experience in related field will be added advantages.

  • Applicants must willing to work in HUTAN MELINTANG, PERAK.

  • Full-time position(s).

Position title: Production Supervisor

| Position Level: Non-Executive |

Vehicle Fit

SUVs -

Work wonderfully with VelociRAX! Your back door will open and clear the rack entirely.

Minivans -

Work great with VelociRAX! Your back door will open and clear the rack entirely. In rare cases (where the hitch receiver is mounted deep under the vehicle) the rear hatch door will touch bike tires when fully opened but you will have plenty of back door access with bikes fully loaded. We have minivan owners running with every rack we sell. While a fully loaded 7 rack with gear and riders will have your minivan weight capacity maxed out, it's your choice to load it up. Even with the greater ground clearance than a tray style 4 rack you may want to choose to cross deep dips in the road at an angle due to the lower clearance of some minivans. As a reference, even with a 1247mm wheelbase XL 29er (a very big bike) the back tire sits about 2 inches above the hitch bars so tapping tires is never a worry as the rack protects the bikes.

Trucks -

When the rack is hinged back to loading position, truck tailgates can open anywhere from 80-95% with bikes loaded. The dampers used in assisted hinging are easily disengaged, so the rack can go all the way to the ground when the bikes are off the rack. This allows for full access to the back of your truck with the tailgate down.

Spare tire on rear of vehicle -

Yes! VelociRAX will clear and mount on a vehicle with rear spare tires. The ability to hinge the rack fully may be hindered by the spare but it will mount to the vehicle. If the spare stops the hinging and the spare can be adjusted upward the rack will be able to hinge. In general, the vertical post is 13.25 inches back from the hitch pin hole.

Single full swinging rear door -

There will be limited access and will only open slightly. Lowering the rack all the way to the ground may allow the door to fully open.

What vehicle/s are you planning to carry your rack and bikes with?

Trailer and RVs -

No restrictions for the VelociRAX on travel trailers for motorhomes. Please confirm the hitch on the trailer is built to handle the load and you are good to go (bumper hitches are likely inadequate.) One item to check is if a ladder could possibly interfere with the rack.

Sprinter Style Van -

Yes! In most cases rear doors will open partially with the rack hinged to loading position and allow you to easily grab helmets etc. With bikes removed and the rack moved to the ground or camping position, both doors usually open completely.

Bike Fit

Do you ride mountain bikes?

With VelociRAX you are good to go!

Do you ride ebikes?

These bikes weigh a bit more than a standard bike. Each bike slot on a VelociRAX can take up to 55lbs. We do recommend removing batteries and accessories that can easily be removed. Each of our racks can haul 4 ebikes (except our 3 rack obviously.)

Do you ride fat bikes?

With the wider tires you will need our fat tire basket to load them. You can fit one fat bike among a rack full of “normal” bikes but know that it is going to be tighter and more spacing on our 3X, 412, or 5X racks may be nice. We prefer loading a 6 rack and placing fat bikes in slot 3 and 6.

Do you ride road or gravel bikes (bikes with drop bars)?

If you want to load 5 gravel or road bikes the 5X is for you or (the 3X also has 15 inch spacing.) If you’re carrying one drop bar bike, place it in any of our racks on the far right and it won’t interfere with the other bikes. Our 5X and 3X racks feature 15 inch spacing so drop bar bikes can be loaded without interfering with the next loaded bike. The 5X is also nice as you can unload a bike that is in the middle of the rack a bit more easily than you can on our tighter spaced racks.

Do you ride cruisers?

They load fine as well. Please note that fenders will need to be removed from the front fender.

Do you ride tandem bikes?

VelociRAX 7 can haul two with a little rope to tie the weight up; it will ride just fine.

Do you ride all these types of bikes?

So do we let’s rack’em up and get riding. Typically, you load the largest (tallest head tube height) bike on the left continuing with the same sized or smaller bikes next to it, moving to the right. If bikes touch, the load order should be switched around until clearance is found between all bikes. With many different bike geometries available today, it's hard to prescribe the perfect loading method for all situations. It will take a few minutes the first time, but loading will go quick as you get the hang of it.

Want to haul a lot of bikes?

The VelociRAX 7 is great as it will hold 7 bikes but it can also hold 4 drop bar bikes by leaving every other bike slot empty. We have had customers load 6 road bikes on a 6 rack but bars were touching head tubes and some of the bars were narrow bars. Other customers will loosen and rotate the drop bars so they can load more without touching. This does require a wrench and tightening up your bars before you ride.

Tire Fit

From 700cc road bike tires to 3”+ MTB tires to 5” fat tire and rim sizes from 20” to 29” (including 26”, 27.5”) tires will fit without modification.  Fat Tires bikes baskets are available for purchase for large fat tires if needed.

20” BMX tires

Yes they are small enough that, depending on the front fork, they can come in contact with the tire hoop they are secured to. If this is of concern, we recommend 1/2 inch pipe insulation that can be picked up at a local hardware store when loading bikes with 20” tires.

Carbon wheels

Yes load them up there are no concerns in loading carbon wheels.

20” Mountain bikes

Have tires bigger than BMX tires and typically fit great.

16” Kids bikes

Tires on smaller bikes aren’t quite big enough to reach the lower bar but many rack owners have tied the back tire down or placed it in the center of the rack and tied it to the main post.

We’d like to say all bikes will fit but there are a few situations to be aware of.

Wheel stress

The stresses wheels take are much more extreme in the riding, jumping, and cornering with riders (that can be over 200 lbs) than are seen when bikes are racked and hanging by their weight.


Weight Ratings

VelociRAX require a class III 2” hitch with a capacity of 500lbs. All VelociRAX models can carry 230 lbs (bike weight) Each bike slot can carry up to 55 lbs We recommend removing ebike batteries where possible

Rack Height

Overall height of all racks is 58 inches from the bottom of the hitch bar to the top of the tire hoops.

Bike Spacing / Rack Widths

Other Info

Don’t want to scratch your bike?

Securing on rubber tires with rubber straps is ideal. While loading this way the axles and shocks are ready to move just like they are when you ride. This does allow some normal natural motion in your bikes while on the rack. Rubber bands (or bike tubes cut in ~1 inch sections) placed on the brakes can be used to decrease this natural motion between bike and rack.

Can the rack be used off road?

VelociRAX are built extra tough with high strength steel and solid straps. We know all good trails don’t start on asphalt, so we also recommend strapping bikes tight and good judgement with all your driving.

Want to keep your rack clean?

Car wash companies will tell you no not to go through the drive through. We also recommend the rack be removed before you go through an automated car wash. You can wash your rack with normal car wash soap and dry it off to keep it looking great.

What is camping mode?

Camping mode is when you lower the rack all the way to the ground allowing you to position your tire in the hoop holding the bike upright while the vehicle isn’t moving.

Tune Station

Garage Fit

The garage bracket which comes with the rack allows easy use and access in the garage. In the garage you can place it tight on the left side but you’d want 12 inches on the right to give you a little space to load the bike on the far right.


  • Candidate must possess at least SPM/ STPM/ Certificate/ Diploma in food or relevant fields.

  • At least 1 year(s) of working experience in related field is required.

  • Preferably Non-Executives specializing in Manufacturing/ Production Operations or equivalent.

  • Applicant must willing to work in HUTAN MELINTANG, PERAK.

  • Full-time position(s).

Position title: Branding Executive

| Position Level:  Executive |

Job Descriptions

  • To responsible for promotional activities at market outlets including conducting market researches, attending promotional events and exhibitions as well as resolve customer service issues to ensure smooth branding operations and enhance high level of awareness of product brand.
  • To monitor and coordinate promotional activities at market outlets including source sales material for promotional materials to ensure smooth marketing and branding activities.
  • To attend all customer service activities in order to provide appropriate solutions to maximize customer satisfaction.
  • To coordinate the company product branding activities according to schedule as well as coordinate with sales & marketing team related to promotional activities to ensure smooth implementation and accomplishment within time frame.
  • To collect and analyze sales & marketing data for report preparation purposes and to monitor market trend.
  • Attending and organizing sales promotional events and exhibitions in order to enhance high level of awareness on new or existing products, product marketability and profitability.


  • Candidate must possess at least Diploma/ Bachelor Degree in Art/ Design/ Creative Multimedia/ Marketing or euivalent.

  • Working experience will be an advantage however fresh graduates are encouraged to apply.

  • Expertise in software such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop would be an added advantages.

  • Good inter-personal skills, ability to work independently/ team.

  • Applicants must be willing to work in Hutan Melintang, Perak.

  • Full-time position(s).

Position title: Maintenance Engineer

| Position Level:  Executive |


  • Candidate must possess at least a Professional Certificate/ Diploma / Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Bachground or relevant.

  • Minimum 7 years of working experience in Maintenance Mechanical field.

  • Applicant must willing to work in HUTAN MELINTANG PERAK.

  • Full-time position(s)

Job Descriptions

  • To work with technical team members on attending daily maintenance activities including carry out continuous improvement method to support, supervise and coordinate working schedules to enhance technicians performance and efficiency.
  • To take immediate corrective actions to avoid cumulative effects of such deviationand recover the delay to finish the task in due time.
  • To responsible carry out the duty monitor, maintain, implement, improve and report on QL Foods production machine operation. Work with QL Foods Safety Officers on JKKP Yearly Inspection and documentations.
  • To support, maintaining, monitoring and reporting on company's Visiting Energy Manager and Energy Commission, Suruhanjaya Tenaga, on annual Energy Reporting. Including recommending, implementing and executing on new technologies.
  • To carry out operation, monitoring, reporting and maintenance of Scada, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, System.
  • To assist supervisor and engineers coordinate technical team work schedules in order to enhance their performance and efficiency.
  • To carry out scheduling, monitoring and reporting of Preventive Maintenance Program. Cooperate with QA Department on yearly Internal and External Audit.
  • To participate as member of Company's Occupational Safety and Health and responsible to attend and execute all comments, recommendation and implement decided by the committee.
  • To perform any other related task as assigned by superior.

Position title: Quality Assurance Executive

| Position Level:  Executive |

Job Descriptions

  • To assist QA Manager in all activities related to Quality Assurance to ensure the company operations compliance with GMP, HACCP, and FSSC 22000 which practice at respective production department.
  • To implement and maintain QA system as setup to ensure smooth daily operation.
  • To monitor and maintain all documents related with QA system/policies for auditing purposes.
  • To conduct relevant training for employees such as GMP & HACCP to ensure employees understand important of hygience in food manufacturing.
  • To assist QA Manager in carry-out investigation on any non-conformance product & preform necessary corrective actions to ensure conformance to QA requirements.
  • To carry out the internal audit in business unit to finalize finding result according to QA policy and procedures to ensure compliance to relevant requirements.
  • To perform other duties as assigned by superior to ensure procedures are in compliance with the Food safety regulations and policies.


  • Candidate must possess at least a Professional Certificate/ Diploma / Bachelor's Degree in Food Science or relevant.

  • Minimum 2 years working experience food industry & QA field is required.

  • Applicant must willing to work in HUTAN MELINTANG PERAK.

  • Full-time position(s)

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